Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Truth... It Makes a Liar of Us All!

I have used the analogy of a many-sided puzzle box before, in describing the mysterious nature of truth or reality. Each "truth" or "reality" can really only be known (in part) for a fraction of a moment, and during a certain set of conditions. Consider the tiny electron, as it spins into one of its inifinte orbits, it appears frozen into a specific state. I have addressed the nature of this phenomenon as well as its staggering ramifications in the blog "The Measurement Problem," and many others. The truth for that electron is nothing but a set of conditions under which it temporarily exists. The truth is but for a infantescimal fraction of a second and then it is gone. Actually on a quantum level, its not just gone, it never even happened! Douglas Adams had it right- "...reality is often inaccurate..." Now to take it just one step further, this concept of linear time we have needs some serious revising. The Mayans were much closer to understanding the flow of the 4th dimension that of time (duration.) They viewed time as being both linear and cyclical, like a fractal or spiral. Within the infinte nature of time lies an infinite number of infinite futures and an infinite number of infinite pasts, (infinite in both quantity and quality, stretching into eternity in 360!) This is because space-time is infinte and the omniverse is infinite. Read more about the omniverse in my other posts, (it is the sum total of infinite subsystems, the all inclusive container.) So where does that leave each individual as they travel life's jouney? It may mean that it is more true to say that once a person is born their actual history is just as unsure as their future. They should have an infinite number of pasts as well as futures, each one is a truth, each one is just as real, just as valid as the next. SO what is real for you? I guess it depends on what world you are in, what your perspective is. Perspective equals truth, its just a matter memory that leads us like blindmen up and down that scale. You will remember of course that memory is about the most inaccurate sense that we humans posess. Now remember that tiny electron, spinning in its path about the nucleus of an atom. How would we accurately describe its actions and experience from a quantum perspective? Each path it takes (and there are an infinite number of them) can be seen as a "reality" a "truth." Strangely enough for every "real" path that the electron takes, there are "non-real" paths. From the quantum perspective the electron is in all possible states, real, un-real, and it exists and does not exist, all at once. How much more complex are the lives of us human beings, composed of trillions and trillions of electrons and nuclei, engaged in the primordial dance of life!

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