Tuesday, March 17, 2009

QCT (Quantum Cell Theory) continued from "A Night in the Life..."

In the following previous posts ("A Day In The Life: An Introduction To MMT," "A Night In The Life : An Introduction to MMT" and "The Meaning Of Life.") I briefly touched on the analogy of the self (individual version) as a cell within a larger body, that being the "real" self or individual. This perspective is not altogether unheard of. Christians refer to themselves "collectively" as "The body of Christ." Hindus view all beings as being part of the great body of Brahma. Each being, each soul is very much like a cell within a body. Each soul has a place, a function to perform, and a way in which to do that intended work. As with the cells in our body, each one part is independently conscious (at least to some extent) this is why muscle testing and biofeedback work. Each part is connected to a network of like parts with like functions. Each part need not know what it is, why it is, or how it is to fulfill its task, just like a cell. Cells perform their tasks by the use of a modified form of consciousness and a plan written into them (DNA.) As conditions change, DNA reveals the needed information and provides the proteins to execute each task. The consciousness of the higher self is not unlike the DNA of our cells. It transmits the necessary information and means by which to carry-out each task. It may transmit it by dreams, random thoughts, automatic behavior, or unconscious thoughts and behaviors. The underlying function of all unconscious thought and behavior is to carry out the complex tasks of the larger entity, the soul! It is less important that we know what the soul is up to from moment to moment and more important that we nurture the sacred and intimate connection between our infinite higher mind or soul and that which we have immediate control over, our conscious mind and physical body (which are really one and the same.) It is this connection which allows mankind to raise himself above the finite human brain and physical body, just as the internet allows this computer to access and manipulate files through a network (a complex system built to perform a specific function by the use of many separate units.) One may view the portion of the unconscious mind (soul) that we interact with (when dreaming, praying or meditating) as a remote interface with that larger system.

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