Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time Travel (QM and the Titor Method)

Ever since I was a nerdy little kid (say 2nd grade) I have maintained a steady obsession with the topic of time travel. I had all but relegated it to the kind of topic that belonged on "X-Files," nowadays "Fringe," or late night AM radio shows (like my favorite, "Coast To Coast AM" with host George Noory- formerly the Art Bell Show- heard every night from 12am to 4am on stations like AM 1200 WOAI. ) I was suddenly forced to place it in another category when I read the book, "The Yoga Of Time Travel" by world renowned physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. This book firmly takes hold of the topic of time travel, and brings it into the light of believable scholastic en devours. It may be partially because of the work of scientists like Ronald Mallett (see a 2-part video on YouTube about Ronald Mallett's Time Machine project.) Scientists like Mallett have been working hard to create a laser driven device that would warp or bend space-time into a loop. The device should allow transmissions from the future (all the way up until the moment that the device was first turned on.) The device could not however allow for trans-temporal communication prior to the moment that it was turned on. As we forge the machineries of the first Quantum Computers and Quantum Gate Networks we will be on the cusp of creating a device similar to the Quantum Shell or Sphere discussed in "The Yoga Of Time Travel," that will allow for its driver to navigate the omniverse and time itself by way of super-positional states (a Quantum Computer would use 'q-bits' in superposition to compute and store data, please read "The Yoga Of Time Travel" for more on this topic, I will update as much as possible.) The most outlandish source of information within this topic is without a doubt the website and related sites devoted to John Titor. Titor is supposedly a time travellor from the year 2036 (on another world-line or version of Earth.) But just because its claims are outlandish doesn't mean that it holds no value. The John Titor story is a very unique one, and its worth reading! A short but detailed account can be read on the John Titor website. There is a very expensive and hard to find book also (released by the Titor family after John's departure in 2001, entitled "John Titor A Time Traveler's Tale") There have been several interviews on "Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory and Oliver Williams (founder of The interviews are definatly worth listening to, and reveal much about the accounts of Titor and his family (now believed to be living in Nebraska, previously of Florida.) Titor's device utillizes the gravitational distortion effects of a twin micro-singularity engine system. This engine is essentially a smaller, smarter version of the LHC now in use by the team of scientists at CERN (in europe.) Titor predicted that CERN would create a fully functional device (the LHC) that would eventually give rise to units like the ones within his device by 2034 (in his world-line.) Titor believed that the MWI or Everett-Wheeler model of the universe/omniverse was correct. The original devices would be made by General Electric for the US Army, Model # GE-C204 (possible image of Titor's device shown above in diagram) after a series of disturbing civil wars and unrest. A later version of the device GE-C206 was much more accurate and was able to travel further with more accuracy. Titor claimed to be part of an elite Time Corps unit of the new US Armed Services, Division 177th. (a picture of his division's logo is available under Google Images.)

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