Saturday, March 14, 2009

Strange Math

I though it would be fun to discuss the relationships between the current field of MWI related cosmology and physics; as it relates to the study of light, sound and vibrational energies. So what we know so far about light is that it falls into a strange spectrum of particle-waves that are equally "here" and "not-here." That is to say that the effects of photons are readily detectable (as seen in visable light,) but that the actual particle-waves that produce them are not wholy contained within this dimensional plane. We have known this for some time. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf has done a marvelous job illustrating this phenomenon in his book "Parallel Universes." Dr. Michio Kaku further describes the anatomy of matter by saying that If you smash particals down to their smallest bits you get pure light. This means that on some level we are all essentially made of light energy, and it is light energy that ultimatly runs all aspects of the life process. Light, and sound are both part of the electromagnetic spectrum of vibrational energies. Behind the everyday nature of material physics we can see that all matter is masquerading as vibrational energy patterns. The first time I came accrossed this concept was when I saw the film, "What The Bleep Do We Know?!" where quantum physics and philosophy debate the meaning of life and the answers to everything. Its a great little film that everyone should see at least twice! It all boils down to tendancies of systems. Everything that exists (and does not exist) is composed of matter, energy and "mind" or consciousness. Interactions within this system produce patterns on a subatomic or quantum scale, which we then interpret and experience as life. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy super-cluster, discreet tendancies are interacting and exchanging data which creates the ripples that we know to be our conscious experience of this life fantastic! These tendancies could (theoretically) be asigned an equation that would express their values, allowing us to predict their effects (ripples.) If we could do this strange kind of math, we would be able to control the universe and everything that operates by that particular set of rules (expressed within that equation.) Its worth mentioning that in order for anyone to be able to perform that sort of mathmatical genius, they would first have to be able to step outside of this dimension and into higher and higher dimensions, like the 7th or 8th (at least) Rob Bryanton has commented that it is likely that a living being or anything recognizable as material substance may not be able to exist within these highest dimensions. The one hope we have to traverse these wild inhospitable shores of higher dimensions is to use our minds as a vehicle to get there. Our minds need not exist within a material framework, and appear to have no actual physical limitations.

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Jorgon Gorgon said...

Sound is not an electromagnetic phenomenon.