Friday, March 13, 2009

Functions of the Universe

We are in essence a function of the world around us, the stars, the galaxies, the clusters, super-clusters, groups and universes, multiverses, and finally the omniverse itself, contribute to the nature of us all. We cannot escape the inherant patterns that penetrate the fabric of space-time and make up what we are and how we function. These patterns lie deep within higher dimensional symmetries, the math of the omniverse. These patterns are controlled by laws that are largely unknown to us. Like a child at a lake, tossing stones into the water, all we can do is watch the ripples. We are forced to investigate the shaddows, the ripples, the effects of these higher dimensional laws, rather than observing them dirrectly. It it conceivable that somewhere, somewhen, there is a being that knows the equations, the formuli that would represent these higher laws of inter-dimensional physics, even that they could manipulate or utilize them to their advantage. Imagine the raw power that a being could command with the control over the entire omniverse and all its laws, it is a sobering thought. We humans do not even know the entire spectrum of laws which govern just this small patch of stars we know as our universe, let alone those which govern other universes. We do know that other universes should not all have the same laws or effects as our own, as this is statistically unprobable, given the infinite nature of the omniverse. Rob Bryanton (in his blog "Imagining the Tenth Dimension." ) has described these laws as emminating from within higher symmetries born in the Tenth Dimension.

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