Monday, March 2, 2009

An Army Of One

In the film "The One" (directed by: James Wong, written by: James Wong and Glen Morgan,) Jet Lee does a great job portraying a unique kind of serial killer, the kind that kills other versions of himself. The US Army has used the slogan "Army Of One" for a while now, and it really does a great job explaining my next topic, so I recruited it. Picture if you will the entire omniverse, with all its countless versions of yourself. Now imagine that that system of "you" has got an agenda, specific acts and a series of game plans to achieve that agenda. This system would in fact, be the real function of your life, here on this world. Each version would behave in slightly different ways, with unique tasks and goals to accomplish. Once each version had completed their tasks and achieved their goals, they would simply appear to die, rejoining the larger self in its on-going omniversal and eternal life. I have mentioned before that all that need to exist (in order to provide our current experience of consciousness) is that a focus or emphasis be placed on the given world or reality by the larger omniversal mind. That is to say that, the real "I" consciousness within the entire self would contribute the partial conscious experience that we all share (right here and right now) by focusing a portion of its energy into all its many manifestations (ie. the finite versions in each universe.) In essence, "it is as real as it needs to be," and it doesn't really need to be that real!

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