Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Big Blue Invisible Sun!

I would like to take a moment to remind myself and everyone who reads this why it is that I write this blog. Imagine that you step outside onto your front lawn (or the equivalent thereof ) and while standing there you look up into the sky. Instead of seeing a normal sunny day you see something very startling. Hanging above you is a brilliant blue sun, burning with all the intensity of a thousand splendid suns! The normal sun seems but a mere speck of pale yellow light. You go inside, call, email, fax and yell to whomever you possibly can that something very strange has happened. Only people just don't seem to see the big blue sun, in fact, they just don't seem interested that one might even exist. They say things like, "A big blue sun? We've already got a sun, and it does a good job as it is." or "Maybe the new blue sun is evil, that's why people cant always see it." or maybe "You can't prove to me that the new big blue sun exists, because I don't see it!" Seeing is believing or so they say, well I say that experiencing is believing. SO what is the big blue sun? To me its a new paradigm, so new that a name has yet to accurately fit it. This new Quantum Age is approaching us at the speed of light, and yet we hold the views and paradigms of 500 years ago. The wisdom of the Renaissance provided the last great push towards a new era of exploration, and modern times (like the industrial revolution) sought to exploit new technology rather than to use them to explore and learn. So it is that we sit on the brink of the largest new age of mankind, the ledge that divides all human experience from a new and brave frontier. The Quantum Age will find man reaching for the stars and landing upon them, reaching for immortality and attaining it (in many ways,) reaching for wisdom, power and experience and finding his only limits to be those which he places upon himself! This new world that is being born, it needs a new paradigm, a new set of ideas to explore! That paradigm IS Quantum Cosmology and its related fields, Quantum Philosophy and even strange new fields like Quantum Psychology. Quantum Mechanics has grown from a desire to reach new frontiers and to explore the world around us (big and small, excluding nothing,) and its reaches can exceed all mankind can think of. I have been asked if this new way of thinking is a cult or a religion. I ask you this... When Copernicus (450 years ago) told his teachers and students about the earth revolving around the sun, what effect did that have on the world? Was Copernicus trying to get us to believe in a new religion of Heliocentrism, or was he trying to help us see a strange new sun?

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. This is a very exciting time to be living in, as the reaches of our mind and imagination are being tested. It is exciting for some; however, I feel that a vast majority of people don't understand or simply don't care. Most people had no clue what the LHC was or what it was intended to do, yet, the media and random people sounded off about mini black holes consuming the Earth. The universe (in a general aspect) scares people and anything quantum only adds more confusion. Until our society grows an understanding of all this, I fear for our quantum future.