Monday, March 30, 2009

Multiverses (useful catagorization tools)

I have chosen to adopt the term "Multiverse" to define a large set of universes which can or should be grouped together. It should be mentioned that many people use this term interchangeably with the term "Omniverse." (Please see blog entries titled "Our House" and "MWI Diagram" for further explanation.) The term Multiverse applies to certain universes that share certain traits, allowing for a logical and reasonable grouping to form. All universes with the same initial conditions and corresponding laws would group nicely together.

[Some people will disagree with the use of terms like Omniverse and multiverse, saying that the term "universe" "uni" meaning one and "verse" meaning word, implies that that "one-word" is as all inclusive a term as we need to use. This view and terminology is fine, unless you want to explain the larger concepts of MWI. An infinite universe would work just fine as long as it was truly infinite "enough" so that all possible outcomes and all possible interactions could take place somewhere or somewhen within that one universe.]

These similar universes need not appear so much the same (at least considering their appearance) some planets might be missing or out of place, some might be unusual additions. The laws, and the way that everything functioned would be very much the same. It can be said (with more than a little certainty) that the initial conditions and the act of the universe's creation should contribute that universe's laws and the way that it functions all at the same time. A twin or sibling universe to our own might look like our universe down to even the species of grass growing on (what might be your "twin's" front lawn,) but subtle and not so subtle changes would inevitably occur as random outcomes gave way to alternate historical time-lines. Hitler might have teamed up with Mexico and South American forces, winning the second world war, or maybe WWII never even occurred! I have noted before that some universes should not hold our same initial conditions, and would thus be grouped into a different set of universes outside of our Multiverse. It is important to remember though, that this designation is purely one of categorization. There is no reason why these universes (with different initial conditions and laws) could not exist right next to or even right on top of one another, possibly sharing the same physical space or containing gateways in and out of one another. Many current cosmologists view the MWI model to suggest that each universe is contained within some kind of cosmic "soap bubble." Since we have not even the means to suggest how we can leave our own universe, or manage to see it from a greater vantage point, this "bubble concept" will have to remain a logical supposition. In the blog entitled " without end..." I discussed the idea that whatever the state of the greater cosmos may be, the end result must logically be an infinite in time and space larger "whole." This all inclusive, all containing "whole" I refer to as the Omniverse, a staggering concept that contains (as the picture in MWI diagram shows) all worlds in all universes, across all time and space. This Omniverse is infinite in every way. Logic tells us that beyond the boundary of the larger container lies something, that something must be contained by something else, and so on and so on, ad infinitum. An ancient philosopher once asked, if a man threw a spear, and were able to continue to do so on and on, where would the end be? If that spear were a spaceship traveling in hyperspace (far faster than the speed of light) where should it end? The answer is the same. There can be no end, for the Omniverse is infinite in both every quality and every quantity, it is the sum total of all existence and all non-existence!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Schrodinger's Quantum Menagerie

Erwin Schrodinger helped to pioneer the field of quantum mechanics during the 1920's, when it was still in its proverbial infancy. One of the unique ideas attributed to Schrodinger is his equation concerning the evolution of quantum states within physical systems.
(Schrodinger's famous equation) Schrodinger's theories would later become some of the basic building blocks of Quantum Mechanics. At the time Schrodinger probably didn't realize that he would be remembered for a strange little thought experiment he worked out in 1935, (Schrodinger's Cat Paradox.) In which a cat is placed into a sealed box for a given length of time. Inside the box is a device containing a radioactive isotope and a trigger mechanism. If the isotope decays spontaneously (as they sometimes do) then the trigger is tripped and allows a hammer to drop onto a glass vial of poison. Once the poison has been spilled the box will flood with toxic fumes, instantly killing the cat, as seen in the above diagram. His big question: At a given time, without opening or looking into the box, what is the state of the cat? The cat is part of a physical system (essentially a closed system) which is either a lethal or a non-lethal environment depending on the quantum state of the isotope-trigger mechanism and the corresponding poison-release mechanism at that exact time.
The common sense answer is that the cat can only be in one of three states, dead or alive or somewhere in the process of dying (easy enough.) Quantum Mechanics, (notably Schrodinger's equation) says that the answer isn't that simple. As with much of QM, things tend to go from weird to weirder to weirdest - this is no exception. After a given length of time has progressed, the cat is said to be both dead and alive at the same time! It is then the act of opening the box and observing the cat that brings about the observable state of the cat. This same act takes place whenever we peer into the subatomic world of the electron, or view the "Color Phi Phenomenon" or the famous "Double Slit Experiment." We are experiencing the strange yet ordinary world of quantum states within physical systems, as they evolve over time.
It is important to remember that this experiment did not take into consideration Bryce Seligman DeWitt - Hugh Everett's MWI of QM. Instead this experiment sought to describe the events of the system in the terms of a more classical view of QM. MWI was initially rejected by mainstream physics in favor of more classical Newtonian physics and its related theories. It is important to note that the laws of "classical" or "Newtonian physics" do not hold up when applied to systems within the quantum scale. Strangely enough, objects and systems that are this small have their own set of unique laws which govern behavior of particles and systems. It is for this reason that QM emerged in the first place, to explain these new troublesome questions and paradoxes. So what does the MWI (Many Worlds Interpretation) of QM have to say about the Schrodinger's Cat Experiment? MWI would say that 1.) there are more than just the one cat and system involved, 2.) the cats and systems exist within an infinite system (we can call that the "omniverse,") 3.) the cats and their systems exist in an infinite number of states within that infinite super-system - at least one experimental cat per universe or "world-line" exists in one definite state (dead, alive, dying, zombie, mutant, slightly sick, happy, sleepy, confused, enlightened or non-existent.) The previous list is meant to be slightly humorous, but you get the picture right? Sometimes the cat changes color, sometimes it was never there in the first place, sometimes the experimenter becomes the cat, sometimes it vanishes into a puff of smoke and sometimes that little hammer doesn't break the glass vial of poison. Why so many crazy options to choose from? Because this group of cats exists in universes where all those things are possible, even one where the cat mutates, grows to the size of a lion and eats the observer before they can even know what has hit them. Universes where these "novel" effects frequently take place might simply have a different set of physical laws governing the discreet action of particles or Newtonian physics may be completely re-written. It is likely that we in this universe share some degree of these strange effects with all others. It is also likely that the laws which govern our own universe exist (at least in some fashion) within others. This is a thought experiment (largely because a real experiment would be difficult, and probably toxic to cats) but even if it were a "real" experiment, we could expect to see these kinds of results to occur across the infinite omniverse we live in. I'm not usually a betting man, but the universe I live in is only slightly random, with fairly predictable laws (at least on the Newtonian scale.) I don't often witness Tabby cats growing into lions and eating people, but I am not willing to throw out the possibility that somewhere out there it does happen. Because I do not witness it does not make it any less possible. After all, stranger things happen all around us everyday!

The sooner you begin to view the universe around you as a strange and sometimes random environment, the easier it becomes to learn about the very odd world of Quantum Physics and its Many Worlds Interpretation. The sooner you learn about MWI and QM, the sooner you become ready for the dawn of the Quantum Age.

(portion below from Wikipedia free online encyclopedia) of Erwin Schrodinger's Equation

General quantum system

For a general quantum system:

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t} \Psi(\mathbf{r},\,t) = \hat H \Psi(\mathbf{r},\,t)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Big Blue Invisible Sun!

I would like to take a moment to remind myself and everyone who reads this why it is that I write this blog. Imagine that you step outside onto your front lawn (or the equivalent thereof ) and while standing there you look up into the sky. Instead of seeing a normal sunny day you see something very startling. Hanging above you is a brilliant blue sun, burning with all the intensity of a thousand splendid suns! The normal sun seems but a mere speck of pale yellow light. You go inside, call, email, fax and yell to whomever you possibly can that something very strange has happened. Only people just don't seem to see the big blue sun, in fact, they just don't seem interested that one might even exist. They say things like, "A big blue sun? We've already got a sun, and it does a good job as it is." or "Maybe the new blue sun is evil, that's why people cant always see it." or maybe "You can't prove to me that the new big blue sun exists, because I don't see it!" Seeing is believing or so they say, well I say that experiencing is believing. SO what is the big blue sun? To me its a new paradigm, so new that a name has yet to accurately fit it. This new Quantum Age is approaching us at the speed of light, and yet we hold the views and paradigms of 500 years ago. The wisdom of the Renaissance provided the last great push towards a new era of exploration, and modern times (like the industrial revolution) sought to exploit new technology rather than to use them to explore and learn. So it is that we sit on the brink of the largest new age of mankind, the ledge that divides all human experience from a new and brave frontier. The Quantum Age will find man reaching for the stars and landing upon them, reaching for immortality and attaining it (in many ways,) reaching for wisdom, power and experience and finding his only limits to be those which he places upon himself! This new world that is being born, it needs a new paradigm, a new set of ideas to explore! That paradigm IS Quantum Cosmology and its related fields, Quantum Philosophy and even strange new fields like Quantum Psychology. Quantum Mechanics has grown from a desire to reach new frontiers and to explore the world around us (big and small, excluding nothing,) and its reaches can exceed all mankind can think of. I have been asked if this new way of thinking is a cult or a religion. I ask you this... When Copernicus (450 years ago) told his teachers and students about the earth revolving around the sun, what effect did that have on the world? Was Copernicus trying to get us to believe in a new religion of Heliocentrism, or was he trying to help us see a strange new sun?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time Travel (QM and the Titor Method)

Ever since I was a nerdy little kid (say 2nd grade) I have maintained a steady obsession with the topic of time travel. I had all but relegated it to the kind of topic that belonged on "X-Files," nowadays "Fringe," or late night AM radio shows (like my favorite, "Coast To Coast AM" with host George Noory- formerly the Art Bell Show- heard every night from 12am to 4am on stations like AM 1200 WOAI. ) I was suddenly forced to place it in another category when I read the book, "The Yoga Of Time Travel" by world renowned physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. This book firmly takes hold of the topic of time travel, and brings it into the light of believable scholastic en devours. It may be partially because of the work of scientists like Ronald Mallett (see a 2-part video on YouTube about Ronald Mallett's Time Machine project.) Scientists like Mallett have been working hard to create a laser driven device that would warp or bend space-time into a loop. The device should allow transmissions from the future (all the way up until the moment that the device was first turned on.) The device could not however allow for trans-temporal communication prior to the moment that it was turned on. As we forge the machineries of the first Quantum Computers and Quantum Gate Networks we will be on the cusp of creating a device similar to the Quantum Shell or Sphere discussed in "The Yoga Of Time Travel," that will allow for its driver to navigate the omniverse and time itself by way of super-positional states (a Quantum Computer would use 'q-bits' in superposition to compute and store data, please read "The Yoga Of Time Travel" for more on this topic, I will update as much as possible.) The most outlandish source of information within this topic is without a doubt the website and related sites devoted to John Titor. Titor is supposedly a time travellor from the year 2036 (on another world-line or version of Earth.) But just because its claims are outlandish doesn't mean that it holds no value. The John Titor story is a very unique one, and its worth reading! A short but detailed account can be read on the John Titor website. There is a very expensive and hard to find book also (released by the Titor family after John's departure in 2001, entitled "John Titor A Time Traveler's Tale") There have been several interviews on "Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory and Oliver Williams (founder of The interviews are definatly worth listening to, and reveal much about the accounts of Titor and his family (now believed to be living in Nebraska, previously of Florida.) Titor's device utillizes the gravitational distortion effects of a twin micro-singularity engine system. This engine is essentially a smaller, smarter version of the LHC now in use by the team of scientists at CERN (in europe.) Titor predicted that CERN would create a fully functional device (the LHC) that would eventually give rise to units like the ones within his device by 2034 (in his world-line.) Titor believed that the MWI or Everett-Wheeler model of the universe/omniverse was correct. The original devices would be made by General Electric for the US Army, Model # GE-C204 (possible image of Titor's device shown above in diagram) after a series of disturbing civil wars and unrest. A later version of the device GE-C206 was much more accurate and was able to travel further with more accuracy. Titor claimed to be part of an elite Time Corps unit of the new US Armed Services, Division 177th. (a picture of his division's logo is available under Google Images.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

QCT (Quantum Cell Theory) continued from "A Night in the Life..."

In the following previous posts ("A Day In The Life: An Introduction To MMT," "A Night In The Life : An Introduction to MMT" and "The Meaning Of Life.") I briefly touched on the analogy of the self (individual version) as a cell within a larger body, that being the "real" self or individual. This perspective is not altogether unheard of. Christians refer to themselves "collectively" as "The body of Christ." Hindus view all beings as being part of the great body of Brahma. Each being, each soul is very much like a cell within a body. Each soul has a place, a function to perform, and a way in which to do that intended work. As with the cells in our body, each one part is independently conscious (at least to some extent) this is why muscle testing and biofeedback work. Each part is connected to a network of like parts with like functions. Each part need not know what it is, why it is, or how it is to fulfill its task, just like a cell. Cells perform their tasks by the use of a modified form of consciousness and a plan written into them (DNA.) As conditions change, DNA reveals the needed information and provides the proteins to execute each task. The consciousness of the higher self is not unlike the DNA of our cells. It transmits the necessary information and means by which to carry-out each task. It may transmit it by dreams, random thoughts, automatic behavior, or unconscious thoughts and behaviors. The underlying function of all unconscious thought and behavior is to carry out the complex tasks of the larger entity, the soul! It is less important that we know what the soul is up to from moment to moment and more important that we nurture the sacred and intimate connection between our infinite higher mind or soul and that which we have immediate control over, our conscious mind and physical body (which are really one and the same.) It is this connection which allows mankind to raise himself above the finite human brain and physical body, just as the internet allows this computer to access and manipulate files through a network (a complex system built to perform a specific function by the use of many separate units.) One may view the portion of the unconscious mind (soul) that we interact with (when dreaming, praying or meditating) as a remote interface with that larger system.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Strange Math

I though it would be fun to discuss the relationships between the current field of MWI related cosmology and physics; as it relates to the study of light, sound and vibrational energies. So what we know so far about light is that it falls into a strange spectrum of particle-waves that are equally "here" and "not-here." That is to say that the effects of photons are readily detectable (as seen in visable light,) but that the actual particle-waves that produce them are not wholy contained within this dimensional plane. We have known this for some time. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf has done a marvelous job illustrating this phenomenon in his book "Parallel Universes." Dr. Michio Kaku further describes the anatomy of matter by saying that If you smash particals down to their smallest bits you get pure light. This means that on some level we are all essentially made of light energy, and it is light energy that ultimatly runs all aspects of the life process. Light, and sound are both part of the electromagnetic spectrum of vibrational energies. Behind the everyday nature of material physics we can see that all matter is masquerading as vibrational energy patterns. The first time I came accrossed this concept was when I saw the film, "What The Bleep Do We Know?!" where quantum physics and philosophy debate the meaning of life and the answers to everything. Its a great little film that everyone should see at least twice! It all boils down to tendancies of systems. Everything that exists (and does not exist) is composed of matter, energy and "mind" or consciousness. Interactions within this system produce patterns on a subatomic or quantum scale, which we then interpret and experience as life. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy super-cluster, discreet tendancies are interacting and exchanging data which creates the ripples that we know to be our conscious experience of this life fantastic! These tendancies could (theoretically) be asigned an equation that would express their values, allowing us to predict their effects (ripples.) If we could do this strange kind of math, we would be able to control the universe and everything that operates by that particular set of rules (expressed within that equation.) Its worth mentioning that in order for anyone to be able to perform that sort of mathmatical genius, they would first have to be able to step outside of this dimension and into higher and higher dimensions, like the 7th or 8th (at least) Rob Bryanton has commented that it is likely that a living being or anything recognizable as material substance may not be able to exist within these highest dimensions. The one hope we have to traverse these wild inhospitable shores of higher dimensions is to use our minds as a vehicle to get there. Our minds need not exist within a material framework, and appear to have no actual physical limitations.

Gone Baby Gone!

What happens to all that stuff that we do, to the moment that existed just a fraction of a second ago? Where do the ripples of time end up after they are done stirring our world into existance? There is a surprising answer offered by QM (Quantum Mechanics,) the simple answer is that it all vanishes into a sea of infinite possibility. The actual past of your experience becomes as nebulous and murky as the actual future you will experience. This means that from a QM perspective the study of history is not an actual science, infact nothing is really an exact science, unless it is capable of encompassing that sea of endless possibilty we find within the QM perspective.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Functions of the Universe

We are in essence a function of the world around us, the stars, the galaxies, the clusters, super-clusters, groups and universes, multiverses, and finally the omniverse itself, contribute to the nature of us all. We cannot escape the inherant patterns that penetrate the fabric of space-time and make up what we are and how we function. These patterns lie deep within higher dimensional symmetries, the math of the omniverse. These patterns are controlled by laws that are largely unknown to us. Like a child at a lake, tossing stones into the water, all we can do is watch the ripples. We are forced to investigate the shaddows, the ripples, the effects of these higher dimensional laws, rather than observing them dirrectly. It it conceivable that somewhere, somewhen, there is a being that knows the equations, the formuli that would represent these higher laws of inter-dimensional physics, even that they could manipulate or utilize them to their advantage. Imagine the raw power that a being could command with the control over the entire omniverse and all its laws, it is a sobering thought. We humans do not even know the entire spectrum of laws which govern just this small patch of stars we know as our universe, let alone those which govern other universes. We do know that other universes should not all have the same laws or effects as our own, as this is statistically unprobable, given the infinite nature of the omniverse. Rob Bryanton (in his blog "Imagining the Tenth Dimension." ) has described these laws as emminating from within higher symmetries born in the Tenth Dimension.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Truth... It Makes a Liar of Us All!

I have used the analogy of a many-sided puzzle box before, in describing the mysterious nature of truth or reality. Each "truth" or "reality" can really only be known (in part) for a fraction of a moment, and during a certain set of conditions. Consider the tiny electron, as it spins into one of its inifinte orbits, it appears frozen into a specific state. I have addressed the nature of this phenomenon as well as its staggering ramifications in the blog "The Measurement Problem," and many others. The truth for that electron is nothing but a set of conditions under which it temporarily exists. The truth is but for a infantescimal fraction of a second and then it is gone. Actually on a quantum level, its not just gone, it never even happened! Douglas Adams had it right- "...reality is often inaccurate..." Now to take it just one step further, this concept of linear time we have needs some serious revising. The Mayans were much closer to understanding the flow of the 4th dimension that of time (duration.) They viewed time as being both linear and cyclical, like a fractal or spiral. Within the infinte nature of time lies an infinite number of infinite futures and an infinite number of infinite pasts, (infinite in both quantity and quality, stretching into eternity in 360!) This is because space-time is infinte and the omniverse is infinite. Read more about the omniverse in my other posts, (it is the sum total of infinite subsystems, the all inclusive container.) So where does that leave each individual as they travel life's jouney? It may mean that it is more true to say that once a person is born their actual history is just as unsure as their future. They should have an infinite number of pasts as well as futures, each one is a truth, each one is just as real, just as valid as the next. SO what is real for you? I guess it depends on what world you are in, what your perspective is. Perspective equals truth, its just a matter memory that leads us like blindmen up and down that scale. You will remember of course that memory is about the most inaccurate sense that we humans posess. Now remember that tiny electron, spinning in its path about the nucleus of an atom. How would we accurately describe its actions and experience from a quantum perspective? Each path it takes (and there are an infinite number of them) can be seen as a "reality" a "truth." Strangely enough for every "real" path that the electron takes, there are "non-real" paths. From the quantum perspective the electron is in all possible states, real, un-real, and it exists and does not exist, all at once. How much more complex are the lives of us human beings, composed of trillions and trillions of electrons and nuclei, engaged in the primordial dance of life!

Monday, March 2, 2009

An Army Of One

In the film "The One" (directed by: James Wong, written by: James Wong and Glen Morgan,) Jet Lee does a great job portraying a unique kind of serial killer, the kind that kills other versions of himself. The US Army has used the slogan "Army Of One" for a while now, and it really does a great job explaining my next topic, so I recruited it. Picture if you will the entire omniverse, with all its countless versions of yourself. Now imagine that that system of "you" has got an agenda, specific acts and a series of game plans to achieve that agenda. This system would in fact, be the real function of your life, here on this world. Each version would behave in slightly different ways, with unique tasks and goals to accomplish. Once each version had completed their tasks and achieved their goals, they would simply appear to die, rejoining the larger self in its on-going omniversal and eternal life. I have mentioned before that all that need to exist (in order to provide our current experience of consciousness) is that a focus or emphasis be placed on the given world or reality by the larger omniversal mind. That is to say that, the real "I" consciousness within the entire self would contribute the partial conscious experience that we all share (right here and right now) by focusing a portion of its energy into all its many manifestations (ie. the finite versions in each universe.) In essence, "it is as real as it needs to be," and it doesn't really need to be that real!