Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quantum Ethics I.

So what paths should ethics take along this new and treacherous road of Quantum Age?

I would like to introduce a odd little quote from quasi-occult literature attributed to Al Hazred "The Mad Arab." "Nothing is real, and everything is permissible." (It is likely that the quote actually originated from the works of H.P. Lovecraft or even Robert Howard or Robert Bloch, all three are writers that delved into the Cthulhu Mythos and its related legends. As for Al Hazred, he probably never existed.) The quote is quite profound! Think about its first half: "Nothing is real..." This section strikes a chord in both Sufi scripture and Zen literature. The second half alludes to the paradox of existence, everything is real and everything is an illusion. "...Everything is permissible." This paradoxical quote asks us to view the very construct of our reality with the element of illusion as a central theme. It also inadvertently mentions a concept I mentioned earlier, that being the loss of the traditional "free-will" as one takes in the MWI concept. [If everything is permissible and everything that can happen will happen, and everything can happen, then one is forced to play out all possible actions and all possible sets of corresponding conditions.] Free will is then a concept that is just as real as one's perspective, as soon as one's perspective grows beyond the individual observer, the illusion is gone. From the perspective a completely integrated self (one could call this a soul, universal mind...etc) free will might mean very little, to an individual self, it would be a key element in their life, providing them with the construct to understand their own decisions. So does this mean that the epicureans had it right? Do whatever feels good? Or maybe La Vey had it right with his infamous "And if it harm none, do as thou wilt." I would have to say that I disagree with all of these slogans. It is my belief that we have an obligation to uphold the higher "good," whatever that may be. I feel that it is even more important to consider the concept of "others" other people, other things, other systems, other worlds, other consciousnesses and to include this larger spectrum of being into our personal concept of morality. As the song says, "It's not enough just to stand and stare..." ('On The Turning Away'-Pink Floyd.) Where this path leads is closer to Jainism, Buddhist or even the Hindu; Ahimsa, than the carefree viewpoints so common and popular today. It is easy to overlook that which you do not understand, and even easier to overlook that which you do not believe exists. The key is expanding your perspective! That is the primary goal of this blog, to expand my own and other's perspectives. I feel it especially relevant in the age we currently live, for we are standing on the absolute edge of the Quantum Age. This coming age will make the massive progress of the Industrial Revolution pale in comparison. In fact by all estimates, the Quantum age will be the single largest progressive era mankind has ever or will ever see. A new paradigm is desperately needed, if we are to remain productive and viable in such a new and brave frontier.

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