Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Another World" -Brian May, 1998.

"Another World" the title track from "Another World" Brian May, 1998.

"In another world,

Under another sky,
I see another story waiting to be told,
And another you,
Wakes up with another me,
For that's the way we've come to be,
In another world.

In a different place,
Way across time and space,
A door is open wide,
Drawn to a different light,
Maybe we'll step inside.

In another world,
We can show we care,
You can be sure I'm waiting there,
In another world.

Oooh yeah,
When the dies were cast,
They laid a crazy path,
We follow to our graves,
But I know in a different world,
We journey a different way.

So we live,
But life isn't what it seems,
We're only living in our dreams,
In another world.

You can believe I'll meet you here
In another world."
- Brian May

I heard this song back in '98 when it was released, just didn't know what to call the whole "another world" concept yet. It has helped inspire me to further explore MWI and Parallel Universe theory. Brian, (or should I say Dr. May) as always, you are way ahead of the times!

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