Monday, November 10, 2008

MWI, the Omniverse, multiverses and universes

I thought it rather useful how Wikipedia has laid out a system of MWI compliant cosmology, check it out on Wikipedia. This unique system is composed of an all encompassing "omniverse," many "multiverses" and innumerable "universes." Each multiverse consists of many complete and separate universes which contain the same physical laws and constants. That needn't mean that each universe be the same as its twin, the differences could be large or infinitesimally small. It would be odd, but the difference might be that twin universes were virtually identical, except for one being a a few seconds behind the other. A traveler from one twin universe would never know it they had visited the other, they might however notice a sensation we call deja vous. So this multiverse would essentially be a subset of arguably the largest concept we have named, that being the omniverse. The omniverse would contain all multiverses, all universes and within that sea of endless bubbles would be the entire spectrum of time. The Hindus, Buddhists as well as the Jains view the scale of time as being infinite and choose a measuring scale to reflect that endlessness. A "truti" lasts only 1/1,000,000th of a second, but one "mahamantavara" lasts as long as 311 trillion years. Hindu cosmology and time scales are based on the cycles of creation, decay, and destruction. It is important to remember to include this endless concept of time into our concepts of an MWI existence and its many ramifications. So it could be said that the "world of 5 minutes ago" exists not only in our universe (as the past) but in twin universes to our own, as both the present and the future.

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