Monday, November 17, 2008

MWI diagram

You may recall that the "Omniverse" is the term given to the largest concept in MWI Cosmology. It is an all encompassing place, containing all possible multiverses, universes, galaxy clusters, galaxies, solar systems, worlds (planets, planetoids, plutoids, asteroids, comets, space-stations, space ships and ring-worlds.) The term "world" is really an over-used word, but it holds significance with most readers (myself included.) The Omniverse is infinite in space, stretching out into infinity in all directions and times. It contains all that exists and all that does not exist, simultaneously. There is however only ONE Omniverse! how can there be more than one "all encompassing" everything? The colored portions of the diagram represent those portions which are limited in size but not in number. There should be an infinite number of multiverses, universes, etc... on down to worlds, beings, events, thoughts... you get the picture. Each portion contains one side of the same coin, so to speak. One is infinite in size, but finite in number, the other is just the complimentary, infinite in number, but finite in size. One might imagine that the colored portion is a single drop of water, and the black portion is an endless sea.

Given this diagram, or any other cosmological diagram:

1. Where are we located?
2. When are we located?
3. What are we?
4. Why are we?

Just some fun questions to play with (especially as they relate to MWI, the above diagram)

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