Friday, November 28, 2008

The Life Extraordinary

Have you ever noticed how easily we switch between our everyday reality and dreaming, daydreaming, fantasy or introspective thought? I find this very interesting. It seems as if humans were set up to experience two separate kinds of reality. The everyday reality we share (in varying degrees of coherence) with others here in our world, holds a special focus within our minds and within our society. The second portion of conscious experience seems to appear only as an afterthought, a jumbled pile of loose fragmentary thoughts, emotions and experiences. This "mess" is hardly given its due attention, even by the most enlightened of persons. This is probably due to the fright factor involved with the unconscious mind and its many mysterious processes. Nobody likes exploring their our unconscious it seems. It's dark, dank and down-right scary! We miss out on so much knowledge this way, so much hidden from the everyday world. Dreams have the ability to bridge the gap between the gulf, that abyss of madness and chaos we all fear within our own bewildered souls and that rational mind and everyday world we try so hard to perfect and cultivate. It is only after much thought and great mental efforts that I have arrived at this conclusion: If we are to succeed in actualizing the self, perfecting the mind, purifying the soul, it will be through the use of dreams, the all powerful vehicle of the soul. So it is that I urge you to explore your dreams, for you may find, as I have, that you are not so much "seeing" as you are "doing," you are experiencing the life extraordinary!

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