Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Day In The Life... An Introduction to MMT

This is going to be a multi-part series of posts. Please read the previous post, "On The Turning Away"... as it relates heavily to the content and concepts discussed in this post. I would like to introduce a new (at least for this blog) concept. That concept which I will simply refer to as MMT (many minds theory) is related to the MWI concept of Quantum mechanics. MWI basically states that there are an infinite number of parallel universes "versions" of our own and other universes. In such a system there should be an infinite number or at least a very large number of "versions" of yourself. Scientists estimate that there are somewhere between 10-100 trillion cells in the human body (we don't actually know the average number of cells for a human body yet.) Imagine if there were even 100 trillion versions of yourself, thats a lot of you!

Now here's were MMT comes in. Imagine that each one of these versions of yourself has there own finite body, and brain as well as a life that is similar but not the same as your own. Indeed their thought patterns and behaviors would most likely resemble your own, with the occasional variation. If you could meet with anyone in the Omniverse, you would find these people to be the closest match to an exact duplicate of yourself. Talking with a version of yourself would seem effortless, most likely enjoyable, and yet thought provoking. Each version would be able to share unique events, ideas, lessons and perspectives, in such a way that the other would instinctively understand and relate to. These versions could provide each other with an almost limitless flow of advice for self-improvement and life enriching knowledge, as well as unique memories the other had never experienced. Imagine finding out how going to a different university turned out, taking that other path, marrying a different spouse, having kids, not having kids, having grandkids, choosing a different religion, lifestyle, an the list goes on... there would be many things similar, some exactly the same, many different about your "other-self." Some people would choose to identify with their counterparts directly as "them self" others would feel insecure and have to put some space between them and their "other-self" perhaps identifying them as a brother/sister, twin or some other label.

For myself the choice would be clear, I would have to identify directly with the "others" as myself, other versions of myself, at least mentally. Behavior would most likely be something similar to standing in front of an identical twin you never met before, and finding that they share your thoughts , feelings, and behavior patterns far more than they probably should. It might seem a bit scary at first, especially if they are very close to your same world-line (say... only < 2% different, overall.)

Is it possible that these versions could converse, meet, and share (on some level) while completely unaware? I believe that this is a distinct possibility. The validity of MMT is its connection to everyday reality as we experience it right now. I believe that dreaming and certain cognitive functions and features provide us with clues as to how MWI and MMT affect us all, every single day. I have mentioned previously that human cognition is a strange and wonderful phenomenon. I believe that the reason why human cognition is as complex and chaotic as it is, is because it not only involves a complex, yet finite physical element (the brain), but also an infinite element. This infinite element is (I believe) a conglomerate of consciousness, a society of mind, produced by all the versions of yourself within the Omniverse. What better explanation do we have for the endless creativity, the boundless capacity of random, chaotic thoughts and the strange "other worldly" images/scenes that we all experience while dreaming? I will elaborate much more on dreaming in my next post... there is SO much more I have to say about it.

So my big tie in to "On The Turning Away" -Read or better yet Listen to sections 1 and 3. Communication is taking place between ourselves and so many others, how can we turn away from so many others? How can we turn away from ourselves? (Okay, thats my deep creepy thought for today)

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