Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Meaning Of Life.

Every thought, every dream, every single thing that you are conscious of is both contributed to and shared by other versions of yourself. Each version (whether they are aware of MMT or not) instinctively believes that they are alone, that their thoughts are their own, that the dreams they dream at night are their own. It is an illusion that is needed, as we progress through our life. We live our everyday lives with some degree of identity, we identify with ourself as an individual, as unique and somehow different from all other beings. There is some truth in this illusion (as there is with all illusions) that there are none just exactly like ourself, only others so very like us that we may never know what the differences are. It is hard to allow this perspective much application because our world demands a certain degree of individuality, and because the starkness of our physical world does not readily reveal the true nature of ourselves. The psychology of today is not ready for a world view that seeks to integrate all consciousness or even all versions of oneself. The science of today views the universe and all existence as finite, composed of matter and energy. MMT views the universe and all existence to be composed of three unique and omniversal elements; matter, energy and consciousness. This last element is lacking within the theories of modern physics, so it does not understand the true identity or significance of the observer. Modern Quantum Physics is on the very verge of realizing that the observer is the reason that the universe exists as it does. If you remove energy then the equation collapses, if you remove matter then the equation collapses, and if you remove "mind" then the equation collapses. These sacred three elements are the very reason we exist, they are in essence, the meaning of life!

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