Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our House.

Let's take a moment to explore our cosmos as a system. We can imagine our earth as a big round house surrounded by windows giving us a perfect view of the endless sky. This house has many rooms, containing every kind of animal, plant and person we have ever, or will ever know. If at night time we peer outside one of the many windows, we notice that we observe a whole neighborhood of houses. We "appear" to be residing next to several abandoned houses. The abandoned houses do not have any lights on or any activities we can readily observe. In fact, we "appear" to be the only people living in the neighborhood, a neighborhood we call our solar system. As we turn our pair of high-resolution binoculars out into the surrounding neighborhoods (the suburb our neighborhood resides in) we find more seemingly empty houses. That suburb we refer to as an outer spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Beyond the suburbs we can view the entire city, The Milky Way Galaxy. That city is in turn part of a county, (galaxy cluster) the county is part of a state, (galaxy super cluster) the state is part of a nation, (universe) the nation is part of a continent, (multiverse) and the continents make up the entire planet (omniverse.)

House = Earth
Neighborhood = Solar System
Community/Suburb = Galaxy Spiral Arm
City = Galaxy
County = Galaxy Cluster
State = Galaxy Supercluster
Nation = Universe
Continent = Multiverse
Planet = Omniverse

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