Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Sing The Universe Electric!

Yes, I'm a card-carrying Ray Bradbury fan! I thought I'd take a moment to plug one of my favorite SF authors while propounding the profound. Classical Newtonian physics as well as the "modern" physics being taught in millions of classrooms today has got about as many holes in its logic as the night sky has stars. The particular "hole," I would like to discuss in this blog concerns the four basic forces of physics. Physics accepts the four forces: gravity, electricity, and the "strong" and "weak" nuclear forces. Modern physics has spent the last 100 years believing (and I mean believing, just like church doctrine) that the predominant force in the universe is that of gravity. Gravity along with its two "nuclear" children, have all but stolen the stage for the past century. The Electric Universe Theory holds another view, and its definitely one worth considering. It goes something like this. Gravity is many times weaker than the electric force, and its job is to help create order by pulling the universe together (pulling everything together.) Electricity is responsible for repelling and stretching the universe apart. These two forces as well as the nuclear forces, act to create a net balance (a zero-sum state of equilibrium.) Nikola Tesla (1846-1943) understood this simple concept and did his best to explain it and its effects to everyone that would listen. Its also worth noting that without the works of Nikola Tesla, you would not be able to read this blog, or even have electricity in your home. Tesla has proven to be the single greatest scientist and inventor that the world has ever seen! As we set forth on our quest to understand life, the universe, and everything around us, we must understand that it is sometimes necessary to throw away incorrect theories, suppositions or superstitions. The idea of an mindbogglingly complex universe, being run by nuclear and gravitational forces (with the electric force simply applying to the microcosm) is one such idea, IT NEEDS TO GO! When you plug this new theory into the current data and related fields what remains is a new fresh science that no longer suffers from being peppered by rationalizations and ridiculous guesses. I might be willing to take a few stabs into the ether about large-scale cosmological order quantum theory and MWI effects, but I'm not willing to go blindly into the universe believing that "up" is "down" and "black" is "white", after all, the lines have to be drawn somewhere, don't they? For more on this subject may I suggest the book "The Electric Universe" and for further reading, the works of Nikola Tesla. Above in the text, the first time I mention Tesla, there is a link in his name to Tesla.org this is a wonderful resource for all things Tesla.

"Have the courage to open your mind and to see the world through new eyes, and what will unfurl before you will surely change your life!"

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novatv.stdios said...

The Electric universe theory sits very well with me. Even our bodies have electromagnetic fields. Research and mastery of this new physical paradigm will allow us in the future to manipulate our own fluctuations to essentially re-render ourselves, or as they say, get super powers.