Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dreamer Your Name Is "Man"

I have given great consideration over the passed few weeks to the ultimate nature of mankind, both as a force of creativity and as a living being upon this planet. The thing that keeps forcing its way through to the surface of my thoughts, is that mankind's ultimate nature is that of the "dreamer." We (as individuals) are here for a short time, living our unbelievably "small" lives as we might, scraping out a living in some fashion, growing old and returning from whence we came. Our desires scarcely seem to make a difference. Or do they? I believe that ultimately they do make a difference, maybe just not in the way that we might intend or expect. The dreams of mankind echo, a lonely song amongst the endless sea of stars, perhaps to be heard by an alien mind forever changing, forever growing, forever living as a message. I believe that mankind shares its dreams with itself, silent whispers in the night. I believe that these dreams enrich us with larger thoughts, larger perspectives and larger truths. What difference can one man make? What difference can one dream make? These questions are not different, it is the same question from a different perspective. Man is the dream and the dreamer all in one. So dream a new dream tonight, for it is your heritage to do so, your birthright, your purpose and your function. You are a dreamer and a dream.

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