Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quantum Religion (The basic tenets of a QM Gospel)

What kinds of flavors might we find within a religious practice that embraced the concepts of MWI, MMT, and an ever expanding field of QM related philosophies? We might hear sermons concerning the vast spectrum beings within our realm of existence. Possibly a mission field of meditation or dream related outreach would be spawned by the universal drive to help others. We might explore a new practice of tolerance for the humanity within ourselves as finite manifestations of infinite systems. The over-arching message of many current religions is more or less friendly with this system of philosophy. Jesus of Nazareth showed a particular bend toward the quantum nature and all things zen. Buddha spoke of the eternal void, lacking nothing, yet perfectly empty. Lao Tzu embraced the Tao, an amazingly simple explanation for the quantum nature of the system of reality we reside in, and outlined a way for following its path. The eternal wisdom of Krishna and the Hindu concept of the Spanda Shakti reveal the very nature of the Creator of this realm to be infinite, their body encompassing all the matter of the cosmos. The teachings of Kabbalah (ancient Jewish mysticsm) lay clear the way for a view of the universe as a logical, natural system built upon quantum wave-state technology. Sufi mystic Rumi understood the nature of the heavens and the earth as a larger universal system, ever continuing to wonder at the beauty that overwhelmed him. We read in the Poets: Blake, Milton, Emerson, Twain, and so many others, a common thread of the timeless gospel of QM.

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