Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dreamland I.

The MWI [Many Worlds Interpretation] can be confusing, as it should be. I find it hard myself to resist the urge to "quantify" the never-ending string of world-lines into a knowable cosmos. In fact, the urge is sometimes so great that the only sane way out of the maze is to actually indulge my curiosity, momentarily. This is a great way to end a day, or battle the occasional bout of insomnia, (less neurotic than worrying away those spare minutes) before dozing off. Anyone familiar with the MWI has probably considered its ramifications. Recently I have begun to use clever little lies to help me imagine the immense magnitude of the ideas MWI offers us. I can hold in the back of my mind the idea that there are an infinite number of world-lines [possibly created and destroyed as each interaction [on a quantum level] takes place. I can keep the idea that I exist in a manifold existence such as a "superposition," and that everything that I do in this one world is simply one example of how that super-positional being acts and reacts to his environment. I cannot however; come to a functional understanding of how to apply that knowledge, how to understand infinity on a personal/spiritual level. The concept that I will use to explain this disparity is one of dimensionality. MWI does not imply [as I know it] many dimensions but rather many worlds within the same space. Dimensions [standard interpretation here] imply direction and perspective as seen with dimensions 1-3. The 4th dimension could be seen as time (duration), the 5th might be interpreted as a subset of the 6th being all possible worlds within our universe. Beyond the 5th dimension (a dimension of probability and chance) we would eventually discover other entire universes (with other initial conditions from our universe.) Each physical universe would again contain within the 5th dimension (from its own perspective) infinite versions of itself. Each copy would be slightly different from minute detail; differences in atomic charge or values, in some large shifts that would ensure that the life of that world would be short indeed, such as variances in the speed of light, or the lack of sufficient gravity. It could be said that anything that can be thought of (and all that cannot be thought of) exists and does not exist simultaneously within the whole omniverse! Omniverse is a term that I first heard used by Rob Bryanton [creator of "Imagining The Tenth Dimension." both a book and a website actually exist.] Imagining the tenth dimension shows us an amazing perspective and gives us tools to visualize (with out 4 dimensional mind) a many dimensional world which we may reside in, definately worth a read.

To Be Continued...

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Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Many_Worlds_Traveler, thanks for mentioning my project, and for your exploration of these ideas. I have posted a link to your blog in my "Interesting Links" section of my Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog.

I've been thinking about the mind-boggling implications of MWI a lot lately as well, and in some of my latest blog entries have talked about the importance of imagining that it's not just the future, but the past, that has a blossoming set of parallel universes that could be connected to our "now", and that structure is being revised from instant to instant as we navigate through the information that becomes our reality. My entry "Scrambled Eggs" is about this concept.

Looking forward to seeing where you take us with this discussion!

Rob Bryanton